The Purpose

The idea of this blog came to mind in 2011 while planning for the summer and the tour from Spain, where I lived at the time, up to my parents’ house in Sweden and returning by visiting the UK and the annual WIMA rally. Being a female rider is still unusual, even more so if you ride or travel alone. I hope by writing this blog I can inspire other women to do similar things. I want to show that you don’t need travelling companions or an expensive bike to make great journeys. All you have to do is to plan according to your abilities.
If you challenge yourself you have a lot to gain.

Chamonix - traveling between Karlstad and Alcobendas the summer 2010
Chamonix – travelling between Karlstad and Alcobendas the summer 2010

One thought on “The Purpose”

  1. Hi there, congrats !!!!! Looks like you only need your bike to ride far out.
    I’ve got the same bike but I have not made a trip yet.
    Thanks for sharing