Who Am I?

I’m a dedicated motorcyclist from Sweden currently living in Spain. I’ve had my licence since ’99 and since then owned a number of motorbikes. I’m a member of the Swedish division of WIMA, Women’s International Motorcycle Association, and I’m currently serving as the international president. I do a fair bit of travelling and a lot of it is related to the international WIMA rallies – many of which have been documented here on my blog. When I’m not riding my bike I run long and short distances. Preferably, I combine the two and bring my running shoes with me so I can run in different locations when I travel.

Life at it's best! Me in Japan for the 2010 WIMA Rally
Life at it’s best! Me in Japan for the 2010 WIMA Rally

I love riding – commuting, Sunday rides & holidays put a smile on my face and peace in my mind.

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