Just as happy as I was yesterday riding home on my Ducati, just as angry was I this morning finding it vandalised. Nothing disastrous but the right hand mirror was broken off and nowhere to be found. The mirror arm was turned so hard I couldn’t unscrew it, so this was obviously done with a lot of force. Since there wasn’t any other scratch I’m inclined to believe it was done on purpose.

Spanish word decribes this best: JODER!!!
Spanish word decribes this best: JODER!!!

When I brought down my Ducati from Sweden to Spain I promised myself not to cry if anything happened to it. The alternative had been to sell it and buy a bike that is less precious to me, but I couldn’t separate from my Monster and felt I had to take my chances.

The first time the bike was touched I did, but this time I just felt anger and tiredness. Yet another thing to organise. I have to contact the Ducati store to see if they have mirrors on the shelf or if it’s due to order. I do need it rather quickly, riding in Spanish traffic I need to see every angle.

truly wonderful

After a couple of weeks of non-riding related travelling it was truly wonderful to get the Ducati out from the school were it been stored away safely for Easter and 1st of May holidays. Unfortunately, a bit too safely since there was a locked gate between the bike and the street and no key was to be found when I was leaving school after working late.

Few got to see when I crossed the school ground and grass and exited through the main gate. Possibly some heard it, though, since I had to rev the engine brutally to be able to overcome a small obstacle on my way.

Finally on the street I enjoyed my ride home with all my heart! And tomorrow I can once again sleep long and surf the queues going to work.

I will have to get back with the story of the MotoGP, it just has to sink in first. This is a capture of the post GP feeling:

being happy at riverfront Lisbon
being happy at riverfront Lisbon

Loving Ducati has many dimensions

Today I have done some updates on the blog, there is info to read about my travel preparations in my To-Do list and on my packing page. (This info is no longer availible)

But for the upcoming weekend there are other things to focus on. For me Ducati is synonymous with many things it’s not just riding a bike, any bike. Being a ducatista means so much more!

one of my handbags
one of my handbags

This upcoming weekend I am going to dedicate to another aspect, cheering for the Ducati riders at the Moto GP in Estoril!

Forza Rossi & Hayden!!!