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After a couple of weeks of non-riding related travelling it was truly wonderful to get the Ducati out from the school were it been stored away safely for Easter and 1st of May holidays. Unfortunately, a bit too safely since there was a locked gate between the bike and the street and no key was to be found when I was leaving school after working late.

Few got to see when I crossed the school ground and grass and exited through the main gate. Possibly some heard it, though, since I had to rev the engine brutally to be able to overcome a small obstacle on my way.

Finally on the street I enjoyed my ride home with all my heart! And tomorrow I can once again sleep long and surf the queues going to work.

I will have to get back with the story of the MotoGP, it just has to sink in first. This is a capture of the post GP feeling:

being happy at riverfront Lisbon
being happy at riverfront Lisbon

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