“Time is always against us…”

I often find myself short of time which is why this quote from The Matrix is one of my favourites. I have now almost finished my packing and tomorrow I head out. Heat is also against me and I just feel like sipping something cold on my sofa in front of the fan, summer is too hot in Spain.

But where I’m going I will for sure meet a diversity of weather and the temperature might be my greatest challenge this summer. Spain, north of Italy and France are likely to be hotter than hell while the mountain passes in the Alps might be cold. Add a bit of rain to that and it will be freezing. According to the weather forecast it is below zero in Grosglockner at night.

Well, despite all preparations and plans there is only so much I can do in advance, time will tell how the journey turns out. Anyway, tomorrow the Forza Åsa tour begins – WIMA Rally 2012 Austria – There and back again”. The name of my tour is also a quote, taken from Bilbo when he wrote his memoirs of his far more adventurous journey. And Gandalf has a good point in saying that you don’t know what a journey will do to you, even if you come back you won’t be the same.

My maps, still no GPS
My maps, still no GPS

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