First part done, soon leaving Spain

This year’s Forza tour is divided in 4 parts and now I have already done the first and tomorrow morning I will get on the ferry and hopefully have a good rest and write about it.

Yesterday, I stayed in Benicassim, a pretty town on the coast. I wasn’t able to write anything because I had gotten the offer to store away my bike in the backyard of the hotel, and I forgot the laptop in the top case.

Today I’m in Barcelona and I spent the evening with a friend in my favourite bar, the Cat Bar.

Before I go to sleep, some sweet words about the topcase. Some say it is ugly, I don´t care, it is the best thing that has happened to my packing. It is almost as good as Twoflower’s pearwood luggage case in “The Colour of Magic” by Terry Prachett, except that it doesn’t follow me it follows the bike.

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