Just as happy as I was yesterday riding home on my Ducati, just as angry was I this morning finding it vandalised. Nothing disastrous but the right hand mirror was broken off and nowhere to be found. The mirror arm was turned so hard I couldn’t unscrew it, so this was obviously done with a lot of force. Since there wasn’t any other scratch I’m inclined to believe it was done on purpose.

Spanish word decribes this best: JODER!!!
Spanish word decribes this best: JODER!!!

When I brought down my Ducati from Sweden to Spain I promised myself not to cry if anything happened to it. The alternative had been to sell it and buy a bike that is less precious to me, but I couldn’t separate from my Monster and felt I had to take my chances.

The first time the bike was touched I did, but this time I just felt anger and tiredness. Yet another thing to organise. I have to contact the Ducati store to see if they have mirrors on the shelf or if it’s due to order. I do need it rather quickly, riding in Spanish traffic I need to see every angle.

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