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I’ll start off by saying that normally I never ever calculate afterwards how much I spend on a journey. I’m pretty good at not spending more than necesary but it all adds up in a scary way when you’re out and about having to pay for gas, food and bed every day. Normally I feel content knowing that I spent what I needed and that the money lasted.

This time though I felt curious to know how the money was shared between the different sort of expenses. Adding it up I could see that, yes, it had cost a lot of money this time as well, but that I had indeed saved 200 euros by buying my helmet in Andorra and not in Madrid.

These are my spendings and what I got out of spending it 🙂

Expenses were divided as follows:

Gas: 23%
This includes riding 5540 kilometres on mostly awesome roads with ace scenery. Value for money – Very Good Indeed

Food and drinks 23%
This included a few visits to resturants, some gas station sandwiches and salads, coffees, fruits, drinks and cans of baked beans. Value for money – one needs to eat to be able to ride.

Ferry: 9%
Includes a day and a night on a ferry with sleeping quarters under the arabian discoteque. Value for money – not too bad.

Stays: 41%
This included 22 nights, 5 in hotels of various standards, 6 in hostel dormbeds with various numbers of room mates and 10 in B&Bs.  Value for money – compared with a tent, yeah, right.

Shopping: 0.3%
This includes a Swiss Army Knife for my fiancé, a summer dress from France and some crystals from the glass factory in Austria. Value for money – I strongly dislike shopping so entering a shop without buying anything seems like a waste of time.

Adding to the above but outside the calculations is my new awesomely cool helmet:

After trying to find it in several Louis shops in Austria I finally bought it even cheaper in Andorra
After trying to find it in several Louis shops in Austria I finally bought it even cheaper in Andorra

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