A ride for photos

I have a week off work, it is called sports holiday, an opportunity to do wintersports. I don’t really like skiing so I was looking forward to do some riding, head south and spend a couple of days riding. Unfortunately the wheather on the whole Iberian Peninsula is rather cold and rainy now.
Fortunately, I managed to get out a couple of hours on Saturday riding up to El Escorial to get some nice photos. I’m ridiculously fond of photos of my own bike and something scenic, you might have got that by now.

the bike and the monastery
the bike and the monastry
view of both towers - I love the mirror trick
view of both towers - I love the mirror trick

Riding up to El Escorial I passed the lake/water reservoir on road 505, a very pretty spot, even on a cloudy day. The weather was a bit chilly I thought. Even when wearing thermal underwear, fleece top and using heated grips. This is possibly the coldest winter since I moved to Spain so it was nice to stop often and move around a bit.

water and bridges always make an good view for a photo
water and bridges always make an good view for a photo

Almost back home, Puerta de Alcalá. I have been wanting to snap a photo here for a long time, finally got around to doing it…

Puerta de Alcalá and lazy cat
Puerta de Alcalá and lazy cat

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One thought on “A ride for photos”

  1. Nice pictures, Not a bit envy that you ride bike ;-). Still have 2,5 mounth untill i can ride the bike till the snow and ice i gone.
    Longing till i can take the first ride for the season the Tiger is ready and shiny.
    Was thinking to get a new sets of wheels with studs so i can ride in winter, mabye for the next winter