Plotting & planning

Finally I have started plotting the route and planning my stays for the 2013 tour: A very expected journey.

The going north bit is now scheduled:

Visa A very expected journey på en större karta

I’m going to stay in some places I have never seen before, such as the village Solsona and the city Nimes. I’m going to ride the grand Alps again like 3 years before and once again stay in Chamonix which I think is an ace place. Before finally arriving at the rally, I’m planning to visit the HR Giger bar in Gruyères. Giger was the designer of the alien in the Alien movies and the bar looks just like that!


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2 thoughts on “Plotting & planning”

  1. Looking forward to read about your journey and great pictures from the trip.
    What an odd looking bar you are going to visit 🙂