The Return Journey

So now this summer’s biker event is planned. As presented before, I will spend 5 days riding up to Switzerland, visiting the H. R. Giger bar and arriving at the WIMA rally site hopefully in good time for a drink, setting up the tent and arriving to dinner. But, as often stated in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (a masterpiece among books, by Douglas Adams) and what I highly sympathise with, time is relative. I often get lost in time, especially when riding.

Trailer to the WIMA rally

After the rally I ride to La Grande Chaume and spend two nights there recovering. I found this place two years ago and keep going back.

La Grande Chaume B&B
La Grande Chaume B&B

After this I ride to the south of France for a stay in a castle-hostel outside Carcassonne before riding to Andorra. Hopefully, I will arrive early enough to have time for some shopping, I could do with new riding trousers. Then what remains of the tour is a couple of hours in the mountains and then going home.

Ver A very expected journey – the return home en un mapa más grande

No new countries this year and nothing spectacular, apart from sleeping 5 nights in a tent… which I am nervous about. I need to check out mattress and sleeping bag to see that I have good enough stuff. That will go on the to-do-list. All-in-all I spend 14 days with my bike, not much really. I don’t have time for any detours but have to keep to the direct route. I’m happy to be going, thought I wouldn’t manage this year. But my wise fiancé told me I had to go, he thinks that I will be miserable if I don’t. He is probably right.

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