Tomorrow morning I set off. 5 days riding north to Switzerland and the WIMA Rally. Madrid is so hot my brain is melting, I hope I have managed to pack everything I need. I decided in the end to ride with my fully ventilated summer jacket, I hope it wont be to cold in the alps and that a fleece and rainjacket combined with it will be enough.

I would have needed to get a new can of chainlube but it is to hot to bother. Also I need help to tighten the suspension since I lack the muscle power to do it, but that also seems impossible to get around to in the heat.

Some bits and peices for the top case
Some bits and peices for the top case

Well, now I leave the preparations, it will be what it will be. Now I’m going to prepare dinner and a re-play of Moto GP Assen.


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