Riding my bike is not dangerous but the cars around me are

I saw my first bike accident in Spain this week, I must have passed shortly after it happened since the ambulance and the police had not arrived yet. Both bike and car involved were on the hard shoulder. Several bikes had stopped already, securing the scene by blocking traffic with a bike, tending to the victim by preventing the head from moving.

Actually I’m surprised I don’t see acidents more often, the traffic manners are absolutely horrible, especially in peak hours. Normally I try to plan my commuting to avoid it, but it isn’t always possible. This day I was late and it was raining. Spanish people don’t seem to be able to drive in rain, they go too fast and don’t have enough grip in their tyres. There are always accidents when raining, but I haven’t seen one with a bike involved before.

When returning home after work, no rain but again in peak hours I had to take evasive actions several times when cars would have run into me if I had continued riding in my lane. Upsetting as this is on its own, the drivers don’t even have the conscience to feel ashamed when I sound the horn and gesture at them. The response for me enlightening them that they jeopardised my life is a theatrically surprised face and a shrug.

I’m fed up with Madrid traffic. It feels like it is time to leave this country while I’m still alive.

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2 thoughts on “Riding my bike is not dangerous but the cars around me are”

  1. Be carefull and take care of you, Cars don`t seems to notice a bike. As a biker you had to think for others and always gess what they are going to do.
    You get a bad feeling when you been coming to an accident where a bike is involved, fortunately i have done that only one time and the end was good.
    Havent been to Spain but i can guess what a hectic trafik there are.