The emigration tour begins

image Last view of the square, I feel sad to leave but happy to be going. image Last night in my home-made futon. This will make camping  feel comfortable, I hope. image Packed and ready, Lazy Cat is heavily loaded, but I hardly noticed. She takes luggage well! image Mats came with me for half of the day, until lunch – to make sure I got properly fed. Thank you! The only thing I like better than riding my bike is to ride it with company 🙂 image We did ride some awesome roads! Now I’m in Huesca, tent set up, been for a swim and a run. Ready to try my camping mattress.

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2 thoughts on “The emigration tour begins”

  1. I see that you already have found WiFi. Every time you do so, is it like meeting your friends again? That is my experience, a little bit scaring how depended we are by Internet. Have a lovely tour Åsa, hope you can enjoy every second.