La Garonne is not only a cheap wine

Second day has come to an end, I crossed the river La Garonne and realised that yes, it is not only a wine. Now I’m hiding in my tent to not get mosquito bites, I got some nasty ones already and I don’t fancy more. My tent is on the small side, I can barely sit upright in the tallest section. But it was the smallest and lightest one when packed – pros and cons ?
Today I have been riding the whole day using the GPS and it works beautifully. Even though I can’t use it with audio, I always ride with earplugs, there is no problem understanding where to go when on the open road. When trying it in Madrid city it was a bit trickier though. I should have got one ages ago if I had known, well, well.

In the Pyrenees
In the Pyrenees

Today I rode north from Huesca crossing the Pyrenees passing Lourdes and further north east. I have stayed on the small roads and since I covered about 400k that was a full day. I have seen so much beauty. I opted to go on a small and twisty mountain pass since I don’t know when I’ll come back to the Pyrenees again. When crossing into France I did shed a tear, but then I stopped in a café and had a French omelette with cheese and felt that life is good.
The most spectacular thing I saw today was a valley where there where flocks of birds of prey hovering over the ground. Since I was on a viewpoint rather high up I could see them from both above and underneath. It proved difficult to capture this on camera though, Christopher should have been with me, he would have managed better.

View with birds below
View with birds below
...and birds above.
…and birds above.

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