Parade – I’m singing in the rain


At the day of the parade I woke up to the sound of rain, not sprinkly light rain, it came down in buckets. I must confess I did hesitate to gear up for riding but I don’t regret riding out with about a hundred girls to parade the streets around Zakopane. I love the parade, it feels powerful to ride with so many friends from all over the world.

We paused at a ski-lift and went up to enjoy the view and have a hot cocoa. The event made the news, when I find the link to it I will post it.


We ended the parade at a restaurant and enjoyed local food, cultural games and dances.

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2 thoughts on “Parade – I’m singing in the rain”

  1. Dear Asa,

    I was there with you and all the others.
    We can be proud of ourselves, even in this terrible rain we did we like the most, driving our bike.
    I agree, so powerful.