A good day

At 1.30 pm I got a text message from the Ducati garage saying that my bike was ready to be picked up and the cost was 292.19 euros. Thinking that was ridiculously cheap and way too early in the day, I was prepared for something having gone wrong with my communication and not everything would have been done. That does happen frequently with my level of Spanish. But when I picked up my bike  it all seemed fine and now the Ducati is ready to travel:

new tyre - check!
new tyre – check!
breaklight - check!
brakelight – check!

All the bits of the maintenance seem to have run smoothly, new oil, check of this and that…. I even got a new airfilter and a closed cover for free! Now I won’t have to worry about water coming through the old one which was an open filter and a cut-open cover prepared for racing silencers which I don’t use after importing the Ducati to Spain.

feels safe
feels safe

And I was told that the heated grips work now… due to +35°C I did not feel I need try this, but I will definitely be sending happy thoughts to the guys in the garage on the next rainy day!

So everything was good then! Too good! Coming home I examined the receipt and it seems like they haven’t charged me for the tyre. When I can leave work early again I’ll go there and sort it out.

back on my street and ready to ride
back on my street and ready to ride

So, this was a pretty damn good day, I even managed to get my hair cut. Only a few small things remain now. Awesome feeling – stress relief!



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