WIMA Rally Australia – Wohoo!

I have finally filled in my application for teh Australian WIMA Rally, which has been on my mind for years. Further more, I have booked my flight and my bike. The 20% WIMA discount gave me a very reasonalbe offer for the bike. My application for volunteering at the Moto GP is being filled in. This is the plan: I’ll arrive in Melbourne on the Tuesday before the Moto GP to recover a bit from the jet lag. From Thursday to Sunday I’ll be at the Moto GP. From Monday I have booked a bike, BMW GS 650, and I’ll have it for 10 days, so after the WIMA Rally I’ll ride the Great Ocean Road, slow and easy to take in the view, I’ve been wanting to do that for 10 years. Last time I could not go there because of strong wind, so I hope it will be possible this time. After I return the bike I will still have 4 days to enjoy Melbourne and whatever comes up.

Now it’s official – I’m going down under!

10 years ago I toured a corner of Australia on this Ducati 600 Monster
10 years ago I toured a corner of Australia on this Ducati 600 Monster

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4 thoughts on “WIMA Rally Australia – Wohoo!”

  1. SUPER!!
    Me and my husband will go to Philip Island too. First Ljungby in July!


  2. Wow that sounds nice going to aussie, are you only going to stay there or visit NZ to?
    Seen on world gratest motorcyckle ride when going to nz and that looks awsom rides and the landscape stunning.

    1. This time I’ll only go to Australia. 10 years ago, when this picture was taken, I spent 4 weeks touring New Zeeland before coming over… I would write about that on the blog, if only I could find the pictures. NZ is fantastic, I want to go back, but that is for another time.