Going North | Day 1: Alcobendas – Pamplona

First day is coming to an end and I’m ready for bed soon. I’m in the middle of dinner and that will end my day.

It was a long ride, about 450 km and it was baking hot for most of the time. I left home rather late since I came back from the Formula 1 weekend in Valencia last night. On top of that, I had to go to work to pick up my rain jacket which I had thought I could do without when I left for the summer. Watching MotoGP in Assen made me reconsider… actually it rains a lot in northern Europe, and I have probably been cold more than warm in the past, before coming to Spain that is.

I got heatstroke in Valencia on Saturday, and watching the Formula 1 in the sun on Sunday added to that. So it was not the perfect conditions to head out today, but I did my best following my own advice to stop for drinks often, eat even though I wasn’t hungry etc… Despite this, I have a headache and long for bed, but that is after 7 hours of riding in sun, some occasional hail and more sun.

But regardless of the circumstances, I had a great time riding. See my day summarised in pictures:

loading up the bike
loading up the bike
the route
the route
setting of, up my street and out into the world
setting off, up my street and out into the world
bad road nice wiew
bad road nice view
the nice wiew
the nice view
Road: N 111
Road: N 111
I love these mountains...
I love these mountains…
...and riding that road was fantastic
…and riding that road was fantastic

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