Herlish wilkommen aus Deutchland

I learnt how to make blog posts on my phone! Also, riding small roads in rural Germany brings back some long forgotten german, this happens every summer… I keep thinking that one day I’d like to learn this language properly. I wish I brought my dictionary, the german word for toilett keeps eluding me and I’m not sure about the spelling in the title of the post.


Sleep was scarse on the ferry, I didn’t book a cabin so that was expected. Riding in Germany had its ups and downs, like having to pay tunnel toll twice for the same tunnel, without wanting to go there to begin with… compensated by finding a Louise store in Hamburg, by accident and buying new boots (I was in desperate need thereof) and having a nap by this lake. Extra feel-good points for the black cat.


Last night I stayed in a campsite by Elbe and could enjoy a riverside run. Tonight I’m staying by another river, can’t remember the name of it. No run either, arrived a bit late. Had to ride by the map the whole afternoon since the battery was low on my phone. It worked fine but I couldn’t find those groovy petit roads that tomtom offers, and I got lost in Osnabrück because of road construction. I was still able to find my way, and find this campsite so I’m pretty pleased.
Tomorrow I’ll be riding the last leg of the Europe bit and meet Christoper in Brugge. I’m buying electricity tonight so I can use the gps tomorrow.


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3 thoughts on “Herlish wilkommen aus Deutchland”

  1. Looking that you have a nice trip, better than up north lousiest spring and pre summer ever.
    And good to have company at dinner ☺
    A tip have you tryed used google translate app? It translate either by text or spelling
    could be helpful when not finding the rights words.
    Looking forward for next time you post from trip.
    Ride safe and have a good time.

    1. Hasse, that hen was trying to snatch my dinner 🙂 I’ve asked Christoper to get me such an app when in London. Today however I got use of my spanish helping tourists find their way. Knowing languages are fun!

  2. I assume you got a smartphone so that app you can download to the phone for free.
    You find it on google play
    and set wich luangage to translate, and speek the ( meningar) to the phone and it translate to the luangage you chosen.

    As i live near Finland and visit it sometimes and dont speek or understand finish i think it very usfull.