I experience a lot of water during this journey, such as: ferry crossings and evening runs along rivers or coastlines. Unfortunately sometimes the water comes from the sky. Like today: I’m touring the Connemara peninsula and it is misty, rainy and stunningly beautiful.

Now my camping skills are taken to a higher level, let’s see if the tent survives the storm coming in and more importantly – just how tough I am. This is my second consecutive night camping in the rain.

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2 thoughts on “Water”

  1. Hope it went good with the tent and stuffs in the rain,my self is to lazy to use tent and it is good to have a room or a hytte to go in if it rainy.
    I am on tour to “Nordkapp” right now and have been there today, but it was very misty at the cape so i was not able to see much of the Baltic sea but i have now done that “check”.
    But the weather was against me cold as hell done 450 km in 5-12 * froze a lot.