Out of Control

Some of you might have wondered what has happened to my blog updates. They have been few, short and far between, after the Horizons Unlimited meet not much has been told. However, there is a good (?) reason. At the end of May I became the happy owner of a new phone with a long-life battery and a military certification (e.g. waterproof, shock resistant etc). I used it as a GPS with TomTom’s maps and did eventually learn to blog on it. By then I absolutely loved it, it seemed perfect for me. Sadly, the battery got corrupted and refused to fully charge and I could no longer use it for anything else than my daily text message reports to my parents and my partner. Unfortunately, the company didn’t return my e-mails and it took a long time before I even got a response regarding what to do. This, of course, complicated my riding which was depending on the ease of GPS-plotted routes and not having to stop and read the map which adds hours to my day. It doesn’t help that I have a crappy short-term memory and no map pocket for my bike. And, as you have seen, made it difficult to keep the blog updated. So, now while being stationary in Sweden, I’ll try to catch up with the travel documentary and, bit by bit, post pictures of my journey “Going West” and my project “Ride & Run”.

My smartphone and GPS, which no longer works. And to the left, the heated grips - that never worked. Two items I have learned to love and now feel are indispensable.

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