Early morning worries

I woke early this morning after not enough sleep. Last night I stayed up late talking to the nice host couple and the other guests, all nice people who have seen a fair bit of the world and it is so nice to just talk about travels and share experiences.

This morning though I woke early and couldn’t go back to sleep after noticing that the numbness remains in my feet and left leg. I’m worried about this and annoyed to meet a problem like this so early on my trip. I don’t even know how this will effect my plans because I have never experienced anything like this. My fingers can go numb sometimes from the vibrations but that always goes away when I stop riding. Can this be something similar? But why doesn’t it go away after so many hours?

Today my plan is to ride about 400-450km to a farm outside Cressange. I hope my condition would not affect the joy of riding and that I will get a good day. According to my booking information there is no internet tonight so I’ll have to double post tomorrow.

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