Off to the Sunshine state

I’ve nearly finished my last preparations, map, visa and adapter is sorted. Luggage nearly sorted. I’m more or less ready to go, just need some music, reading and listening for the long flight: my entertainment will be “Den Sommmaren” by Thåström, the novel “Down Under” by Bill Bryson and the audible book “The Lost Continent” by Terry Pratchett – a novel about a continent not entierly different from Australia.

The Japanese MotoGP this morning was very exciting, Rossi increased his lead with 4 points and Pedrosa rode to a win, not often that has happened this season. I hope for an exciting race at Phillip Island, which will be seen from a very different perspective since I will be volunteering as a track marshall. Exciting stuff ahead!


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2 thoughts on “Off to the Sunshine state”

  1. Dear Asa,

    I was at the point of closing my laptop when your post arrived. I will leave the house within an hour from now to go to Amsterdam We will fly Amsterdam-Sydney tomorrow (arrival Tuesday). I can fully understand your exitement.
    Have a very good time at the GP!!!! Enjoy!!!. CU at the WIMA rally, Philip Island.

    Evert & Fokje