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There hasn’t been much riding lately, in fact, with the exception of the test ride of a Honda CG 125, I haven’t even been close to a motorbike since the MCN Motorbike show and not riding one since October in Australia. It’s been a long winter although not cold, in London bikers ride pretty much all year round I believe. I can’t wait for spring and the unveiling of my bike which is now in winter slumber in Gothenburg. In the end of April, finally, I will be able to bring Lazy Cat to England and get some use out of her. Since leaving Spain my riding season has been radically diminished. Depressing really, it can’t go on like this. After summer things will change, again.
With the absence of a bike to ride I have done more running. I joined a social running club, located at the end of my street – imagine that – and I run with them several times a week. I thought I was a lone runner, but actually I am a social runner. I absolutely love heading out running with the club. On Sundays we do long runs, many with me are preparing for a marathon, and we often run to scenic places, Buckingham Palace, Tower of Westminster, Northala (ruins of old Wembley) and so on.

Sudbury Court Running Club & the |Tower of Westminister - also mistakenly known as Big Ben (which is the bell itself, not the tower)
Sudbury Court Running Club & the Tower of Westminister – also mistakenly known as Big Ben (which is the bell itself, not the tower) Photo Courtesy Alban Millas

I’ve run a few races with them as well. Next one coming up is the Finchley 20, for the silly reason that while in England I want to run a mile-measured race (20 miles is 32k) – besides, it is good preparation for the marathon. For more about my running, see the Ride & RUN section.

As for the marathon itself, preparations are going fine, the Virginmoney Giving page is up and receiving donations for Motorcycle Outreach and people are showing their support liking the FB event page as well. We aim to reach £840, £10 per kilometre between the two of us. If you can, please consider donating! Motorcycle Outreach is a well-managed, small UK-based organisation and what they do makes a difference!

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