Going North | Day 5: La Grande Chaume – Motos Plus – Mailly-le-Camp

Today has been a very rich and productive day. I slept long and after breakfast I got two pieces of good news. John had called the garage and my chain kit had arrived, and I called Stena Line and they re-scheduled my ferry ticket for the day after with no extra charge, since I had a Flexi Ticket.

I went for a walk to have a last look of the surroundings and relaxed a bit. The garage would take my bike at 2 o clock, after the French lunchtime so there was no rush. I was invited for lunch with Annice and John and we seemed to have a lot to talk about. Filled with energy I was then ready to continue my journey. John escorted me to the garage, Motos Plus, and waited with me to see that all was good, the bike was loaded and then he waved me off before returning home.

The helpfull garage in Mulans
The helpful garage in Moulins
that looks soo much better
that looks soo much better

Life can change quickly, and this time it changed to the better. I hit the road today filled with joy again. I had overcome difficulties and gained new friends. I had never have imagined that I would arrive to the house of a previous bike mechanic with a history in motorcycle racing. And that I would leave with not only a new chain but plenty of advice on nice areas to visit around Lancaster and the Lake district. Life sometimes gives extraordinary meetings and this was one of those.

a beautiful place to eat a banana
a beautiful place to eat a banana

Today I rode in sunshine and the scenery was beautiful. I had no accommodation booked since I thought it would be easy to find something along the way. The previous days I had seen lots and lots of signs. I did see a few today as well, until my decided time to start asking, then there was suddenly rarely any. I started to worry that I was too late, this is difficult to calculate because I don’t want to start too early and miss out on riding. My third try gave a result and I’m in a cheap roadside hotel in Mailly-Le-Camp. Unfortunately, no internet but otherwise fine. I could take the Ducati and park it in the back, shielded from the road, and that is always appreciated.

The viillage is tiny but has a military base. There was some army dressed guys hovering over my bike before I moved it, but they seemed intimidated and loomed away when I came. I can’t be bothered to have a look around town or even have dinner, crisps from the vending machine and some energy drink will do. I want to sleep.

My thanks today goes to:

Motos Plus in Moulins who were willing to take my bike in urgently and helped me out today.

And, again to John who organised everything, and to Annice for her generosity.

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  1. Hi Asa,
    Annice passed your blog on to me and suggested I would enjoy it. She was right, it’s interesting and well put together and your photos are good too. Enjoy your travels and keep on blogging.