Going North | Day 6: Mailly-le-Camp – Altenahr

Today was a crazy day. I set out early thinking that it would be a long ride. Afterwards, I’m happy I didn’t quite know how long it would be. While plotting the route and writing down the directions I concluded with some satisfaction that I would ride in three countries today. That is always special, even though Luxembourg is such a tiny country.

riding some very long and straight roads in France
riding some very long and straight roads in France

I started off taking the wrong turn compared with what I had planned. I thought it would be alright to re-calculate and continued. Unfortunately, there was a road construction later on and I was re-directed and ended up almost where I had started, a 100 km detour on the straightest roads in France.

time for a snickers
time for a Snickers

While leaving France after Longwy I followed the road signs for Luxembourg and was taken by surprise by the border to Belgium. Not knowing it, another detour was made and while finding Luxembourg later on I hardly found my way out of it. How can a petite country possibly last that long?! Making sacred promises never to go back to Luxembourg without a GPS or a map reader I at last found a way out and could continue into Germany. I had now been on the bike for 6 hours and it wasn’t over yet.

filling up energy for the twisty bits
filling up energy for the twisty bits.

Now remained the twisty roads of the Eiffel mountains and they lasted all the way to the Biker hotel, Gasthaus am Tunnel, which is my stay for tonight. I arrived after 9 hours riding and was so tired that I almost fell off the stool having my long awaited German beer. That beer was followed by a few more and in good company on the terrace.

Gasthaus am Tunnerl
Gasthaus am Tunnerl

My thanks today goes to:

The nice Dutch guys who invited me to their table when I was sitting alone with my computer. Enjoy your days of riding and take care!!

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5 thoughts on “Going North | Day 6: Mailly-le-Camp – Altenahr”

  1. Åsa! Äntligen har jag internet och tid att läsa din blogg 🙂 Det verkar som att du har haft många spännande dagar, ibland kanske lite väl spännande 😉 Men som sagt: det finns alltid en massa positivt även i det negativa. Det ser då iallafall helt underbart ut och jag är riktigt avundsjuk! Jag vill också köra motorcykel genom europa! Ett stort pluss till alla dina fina bilder, det gillar jag 🙂

    Hoppas att allt är bra med dig!
    Många kramar

    1. Tack vännen! Allt är spännande och för det mesta har jag det underbart. Framför allt är det fantastiskt att köra motorcykel och se så mycket vackert samtidigt. Sen att jag fick stanna en extra dag på La Grande Chaume ser jag som en bonus 🙂