Weymouth beach motocross and WIMA mini-meet

If you think that the beach is for sunbathing only, think again! Last Sunday’s motocross competitions on the Weymouth beach attracted people of all ages for an action-filled afternoon.

This expands the mening of "playing in the sand"
This expands the meaning of “playing in the sand”
Round and round they go - the waterfront being the straight of this very different race track.
Round and round they go – the waterfront being the straight of this very different race track.

The sand on Weymouth beach is so fine that it barely qualifies as sand and is therefore perfect for sculpting sandcastles, or so I read on the information board. Apperently, it is suitable for racing as well, it certainly seemed so watching the motocross bikes ride through the sculpted obstacles and lap after lap grind them down by twisting and tossing their bikes around the courners and up the hills.

On the other side of Weymouth, you can find Chesil beach, whose stony shore gives that relaxing rumbling sound – at least on a moderately windy day. We were a small group of WIMAs who came together to enjoy the action of the beach motocross as well as the scenery and culture in Portland and the Tout Quarry sculpture park. We stopped for a drink at the local pub and learned that this place is flooded in rough weather, the waves literally wash over the pub and flood the houses in the area. It amazes me how people choose to live in such exposed places, even with this moderate wind it was noticeable when riding across to the peninsula. Well, I never was one for windy days – although it keeps the mosquitos away 🙂

Posing at Chesil beach
Posing at Chesil beach

Photo courtesy: Sue Barnes

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