Celebration of all things good

Finally, some sunshine and time to get the wheels spinning. It is now three weeks since Lazy Cat and I arrived in Barcelona and there haven’t been many opportunities for riding. In fact, the only times the bike’s been used is when we had to move hostel, we’re now in our third hostel. As we are hoping to find accommodation in a shared apartment, we only book short periods and then we try to extend, so if the hostel is full we have to move. Tiresome business but I must add that our third hostel is so much better than the previous which was very noisy with music and parties all evening and construction work during the day. It wasn’t optimal for me, who was quite under the weather with a cold and therefore terribly tired.

Stay cool at Don Moustach Hostel
Stay cool at Don Moustach Hostel

But now things are looking better, the weather has improved and the rain and cold that ruled our lives for the last two weeks are gone. Furthermore, we had a reason to celebrate. Although we have been luckless regarding housing, the work side of things is looking better. I’ve managed to land a teaching contract and will start working on Monday. Until now, my goal has been to find a job, a few classes here and there I was thinking – and then boom – I get a near full time contract. After 2 ½ years of studying and motorcycle vagabonding this will be a shock to the system. Needless to say, I feel quite stressed, and what could serve better as a chill pill than a ride out. Some time away, enjoying the coast and the mountains and dust off the bike. Apart from a need to disconnect from the daily chores of organising our life here in Spain, it is evident that I needed to reduce some stress in my life, a terrible rash has flared up on my torso and arms and it is ever so itchy. A sign that it’s time to relax and enjoy the good things in life, not sweat the small stuff, after all we’re doing well. So, we left Barcelona and slowly made or way up north along the coast to Tossa de Mar, a small seaside village that has withstood the touristification that has destroyed so many similar villages along the coast. While there, we indulged in some delicious seafood as a celebration of my new job and of life in general. To quote my dad – it is better to get a job than accommodation, because with a job it is easier to find accommodation. This is indeed true, and for the coming month we will be staying in an AirBnB room, so I can relax a bit and fully focus on getting into my job and all the challenges this new career will pose for me.

Grilled cuttlefish and langoustines make Christopher happy as a creamy cat.
Grilled cuttlefish and langoustines make Christopher happy as a creamy cat.
Seaside coffee break - what would we do without our thermoses?
Seaside coffee break – what would we do without our thermoses?

The ride today was lovely, we even took advantage of the mountains and rode some serpentines. Along the route, we met quite a few other riders, no surprise, the weather was perfect for riding. No need for cold weather riding gear such as thermals or heated vest today. I even had to open the vents in both jacket and helmet to cool myself a bit, and it is February – I like it!

My kind of posing on the beach
My kind of posing on the beach

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4 thoughts on “Celebration of all things good”

  1. Lovely blog Asa. Congratulations on your new job and good luck on finding the house that you want. One thing’s for certain, you can look forward to lots of great riding weather in your new home!

    1. Thanks Ron! The weather is part of why we love it here in Spain – if Wales had this kind of weather, well, then we might have stayed in Elan valley forever 🙂

  2. Dear Asa & Christopher, Congratulations on your job. Agree with your fahter, first a job then a house. I am sure you will succeed in that soon too. Wish you lots of succes in your job and finding the new rhythm in your life. Quite a change after such a long time being traveller by bike. Warms regards, Evert & Fokje