Proud to Ride a Motorcycle

This morning, as always when I’m riding, I was reflecting on life. I was on my way to an interview and I remembered when I started applying for teaching jobs in Sweden 17 years ago, or so – then I never dared to mention that I was a biker. At the time, the Swedish model for writing an introduction letter included a short paragraph about your spare time activities: I always wrote “reading, watching movies and spending time with friends”. Being a biker still had negative connotations and I have vivid memories of the dead silence that was the response when, during a coffee break, I excitedly told my colleagues that I had been out riding my motorbike in the lovely lake area around Landvetter, south of Gothenburg. The silence lasted for what felt like an eternity, until my boss initiated a new subject – autumn fashion. The subject of motorbiking was never brought up again, but for my next job application I did include “riding twisty roads on my motorbike” among my standard interests. My motivation was that if they didn’t want a biker – then they didn’t want me. In the interview at my next school the headmaster pointed out that something stood out in my introduction letter, guess what? And he liked it, “showed that I was independent,” he said. I stayed in this school for nearly 6 years – then I moved to Spain.

Lazy Cat and I, a Spanish-Swedish couple. This registrtation number is going to be re-claimed to the cost of 95.80 euros. That is a smal part of the paperwork to bring the bike back to Spain.
Me and Lazy Cat a Swedish-Spanish couple. This registration number is going to be re-claimed at the cost of 95.80 euros. This is a small part of the paperwork involved in bringing the bike back to Spain.

So, fast forward, 17 years and I’m crossing Barcelona on my motorbike on my way to an interview. Since I always ride in full gear I’m wearing a dress underneath my biker trousers and I’m bringing shoes to change into. The plan is to lock the gear to the bike before entering the school, after all it is a posh private Catholic school. However, when parking I realise that I have forgotten the pack sack so in the end I have to enter in full gear. Oh well, I comfort myself thinking that if they don’t want me then I don’t want them – and if they want me then it is because of my good qualifications and well-performed demo class and then it doesn’t matter that I’m a biker – or even an atheist.

Later the same day I got offered a job teaching at an academy where I was interviewed last week, also then arriving in motorbike gear. Fantastic, I’ll start next week. Great! I need the money to pay for the paperwork: I’m going to keep this bike after all.

To celebrate such a good day, we spoiled ourselves at a cat café.

Barcelona - almost like Japan: it is amazing how relaxing it can be to spend an hour playing with cats
Barcelona – almost like Japan: it is amazing how relaxing it can be to spend an hour playing with cats

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8 thoughts on “Proud to Ride a Motorcycle”

  1. Men vart är kattstället????? Hade jag vetat det när jag bodde där så hade allt varit så mycket bättre ju!

      1. Bor du i gracia?!!! Älskar gracia. Vi prata lite igår om hur otroligt mycket vi saknar Barcelona. Men nu har jag ju fått jobbtillstånd här så vi blir nog kvar. Men jag hoppas jag kan komma och hälsa på snart. Så får vi gå och klappa katter!!

        1. Grattis till jobbtillståndet, riktigt roligt att starta ny karriär tycker jag! Kom gärna och hälsa på och klappa katter med mej!

    1. Sweet Mary! It seems I now have at least 3 jobs to make me last until the autumn semester. Are you considering Beachy Head? We should make plans to run together at some point! If not Beachy, perhaps Barcelona half next year?

  2. Dear Asa, Congratulations on the job! Your story is so recognizable. I AM a biker, even when I am at work! An employer has to accept us in full and that includes motor bike driving! Enjoy. I was in a cat cafe in Groningen a few weeks ago. So wonderful! Till we meet in Estonia.

    1. Indeed! Always a biker! And I have made it to the next step in the interview process at the posh school. See you in Estonia!