Going North | Day 8: Beelen – Kiel

I woke up early and felt awake but utterly tired. I managed to go back to a slumber and was later heavily asleep when the alarm went off. I need to reflect on this when I have rested. Maybe I need to change my plans a bit for England since the riding days get so long and I never seem to recover my strength after each ride. For some reason, I seem more tired this year compared to last summer and I don’t know if it has something to do with my two weeks of illness making me lose strength or something else. But I find myself telling people that I want short enjoyable day rides but at the end of the day I’m so tired I want nothing else than to sleep. Nevertheless, I enjoy my riding, but, it would be nice to have energy for something else in the evening.

yet some more greenness
yet some more greenness

Today, I rode in a very green and grey Germany. Unfortunately, I had to ride half the day on the autobahn but the other bits were nice. I found the autobahn less stressful today compared with yesterday but nevertheless I was very happy when I saw the signs for Swedenkai.

last view off Germany
last view of Germany

Now I’m on the ferry, nicely showered and changed waiting for the restaurant to open so I can eat a baked potato with skagenröra. Unfortunately, the internet connection on the boat isn’t working so I can’t work on my plans for Gothenburg. I still have not been able to organise my visits and possible stays. I hope I get a connection later on when were out at sea.

tasty food but no internet - sometimes you can't get it all
tasty food but no internet – sometimes you can’t get it all

The ferry is different from last year and I can’t find a relaxing bar or lounge to hang out in, but, my cabin is really nice so I can always head back there.  They also changed the system to tie the bikes which made me upset because I couldn’t figure out how to do it. The girl who directed me to my place just answered me with, “yes, they have changed it”, and stomped away. Fortunately, there was an older and wiser man working in the parking area who tied the bike for me and told me not to worry, it wouldn’t move.


My thanks today goes to:

The nice man who helped me tie my bike when I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Now I can sleep tonight.

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