Getting ready for bike 2011

For me getting in shape for beach season has always been less interesting than to get ready for bike season. Strong back and arms makes me able to enjoy long rides, even on a Ducati Monster.

But this morning I woke up in pain. I have a lingering back problem caused by a combination of being tall and working with small children in an not very (at least for me) suitable environment. Normally I keep it under control by regular visits to the gym, but lately nothing seem to work. It’s hard to say if the solution is to rest or exercise more… but since resting is boring I took my pushbike for a spin in the morning and at least the pain didn’t get worse. Tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment is going to be interesting. I hope we can find a solution.

Although this is a problem to consider I wouldn’t let it interfere with my travel. I just have to adjust my plans to physical conditions and allow shorter riding distances. Later on, I’m going to ride out and see how I feel, but at the moment I’m happy to await the temperature to drop below 30 and sip ice coffee in the studio. I’m going to work on the blog a bit and provide my travelling plans and some personal information.

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my work space


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