Riding the Peak District

I love to explore new roads and I did feel I had not actually seen much of the area of the WIMA rally, very much due to the weather and the busy schedule. Therefore, I was absolutely thrilled to be able to take Ron up on his invitation of a guided ride in the Peak District. Ron is a friend I met through Horizons Unlimited and I’ve had this standing invitation from when we first met at the HU in Baskerville Hall back in 2016.

As Ron lives near the Peak District and frequently leads rides there for a couple of motorcycle groups, I knew I was in for a treat. It was like it was my birthday, he’d planned everything from beginning to end, with lunchstop and photo opportunities. And yes, he had brought his dslr to be able to take these photos for me. As we headed out, he casually said we’d do a little ford crossing in a bit, don’t worry, just do what I do. I’ve never crossed a ford before so it was an exciting start to the day. We rode all kinds of roads from large popular “turn the throttle” types to teeny weeny little roads with more grass and gravel than actual tarmac. At one point we did some proper exploring trying out a new road that Ron might implement in his standard route. This day was one of the absolute highlights of my stay in England.

Ron -The tour leader!

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