Sweden | Day 15: Karlstad

Today, I went to Karlstad to run some errands and see what has changed since my last visit. This was my home town 10 years ago, but now I can barely find my way around here. Some things are the same, though, like the nice river that runs through the town.

The sun of Karlstad and of course my Ducati
The sun of Karlstad and of course my Ducati

The symbol of Karlstad is a sun and it is a common misunderstanding that this implies that Karlstad has a generally sunny weather Unfortunately, this is not true: the sun in Karlstad was a waitress with a sunny personality. You can see the statue of her in the background.

legal parking?
legal parking?

Before finally choosing this place to park I circulated the city in search for an assigned motorcycle parking but without success. Parking in Sweden can be tricky since different cities have different rules and I’m no longer sure of any of them. I do know that motorcycles easily get parking tickets and it’s not as motorcycle friendly here as in Spain. The observant ones will notice the PacSafe net on the bike, where I stored my jacket and back protection before walking of to enjoy Karlstad.

If you want to know more about this nice little town Wikipedia has some useful information.


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