We were hit badly by the storm Gloria last week. There was massive material and natural destruction and people were killed, so I shouldn’t complain really as my only damage was a broken footpeg when my bike fell over. I was being a bit stupid as I had covered the bike for the rain, I thought it would be okay if I strapped the cover tightly around the bike, but alas, no. On Sunday night it blew over. Due to the rain and storm I had to wait until Saturday before I could open up the bike to check that the battery hadn’t leaked and that cooling water and oil levels were unchanged. And for the remaining days of the storm, I left the bike uncovered and hoped that the heavy rains wouldn’t cause problems with the electrics or anything else.

It is always interesting doing these kinds of chores on a busy street, I did get some strange looks and, in addition, an offer of help from a fellow biker living nearby. The new footpeg was ordered from Motor Works England – I couldn’t find a secondhand one in Spain. It arrived quickly and I love the treats that they added to the parcel.

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