Derek Mansfield’s “Notes from the road vol. III” – review

Quarantine time gives more time for reading. I’ve just finished reading Derek Mansfield‘s “Notes from the road vol III”. I loved it! Just as I loved the prequel, “Notes from the road vol. IV” Why? For me, the form is as important as the content and a good book needs to be very well written as well as having interesting content.

The book is a contemplation of his trip to Mongolia, on a posh bike hard to maintain and not suitable for the trip – a bit against all odds the trip is a success, because it is what he wanted to do. I love that! And in a posh red jacket. Why conform to preconceptions?

Derek’s writing style is quite special, and I would say often reads like poetry. I sometimes stop when I’m reading to recite little snippets like the one below to my partner. If you’re looking for a book to read try this one, I’m sure it will appeal to the general public as well as nerdy students of English literature and linguistics like myself.

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