Heading out | Day 24: Hönsinge – Lübeck

After a nice breakfast in the morning sun we set off together to ride some twisty bits in Skåne before leaving the country.


getting prepared to ride out
getting prepared to ride out

We saw plenty of wildlife as well, deers, cranes and birds of prey. We took farewell of our hosts in Malmö and headed for the bridge to Denmark.

Bye bye Carola and Jessica, a shame you couldn't come with us
Bye bye Carola and Jessica, a shame you couldn’t come with us

The weather was perfect for riding and we pushed on and passed Denmark so fast I feel sorry for the country. We did stop for coffee and winerbröd but there is no picture proof of that, unfortunately. My feet were bothering me less today and I felt happy about that. Soon we were in Rödby and entered the ferry to Puttgarden in Germany. We had a late lunch and I even managed a micro sleep before we reached the shore.

a german style dinner
a German style dinner

Our destination, Lübeck, was reached early in the evening and there was time for a stroll, including appetizer, dinner and coffee. It would have been perfect if not for my left foot, which has been acting up weirdly and giving me a hard time not to worry.





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