Leaving Wales, re-entering England

This morning it was hard to get out of bed. I long for a morning to sleep in and that will come soon, fortunately. But today I had to kick myself out of bed and with the help of coffee and toast I got ready for the road. Today’s ride was deliberately short, since I had re-planned the route giving DEVon and Cornvall a miss this time. However, on the road I realised that I might actually arrive too early in Bath and not be able to check in. So, I found myself a ruined castle to visit –  meaning that I have done a cultural thing in Wales as well – good for me!

Raglan castle
Raglan castle
Road 466 between Monmouth and Chepstow
Road A466 between Monmouth and Chepstow
Informative! I also know that ARAF id welsh for SLOW, I've seen that printed on the road plenty of times
Informative! I also know that ARAF is Welsh for SLOW, I’ve seen that printed on the road plenty of times

I had a really nice scenic twisty bit planned for the day and I once again enjoyed beautiful scenery but too soon it ended. I found myself passing the Severn road bridge and I was back in England again and, sub sequently, in Bath. I found my hotel fairly quickly, I guess it was partly luck but I also like to think that my map skills has grown. I even found a bikes-only free parking place, after being ten seconds from a parking ticket while unloading the bike. Now I’m settled in, having lunch and will soon investigate what Bath has to offer me. Ice-cream I hope, because it is getting warm now.

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2 thoughts on “Leaving Wales, re-entering England”

  1. Such a nice trip! I would love to do the same…in a car 🙂 I was in Bath in the beginning of the 90`s but I guess things have changed a lot. On your way to Spain now?

    1. Yes, heading back, ferry from Portsmoth on Wednesday, home Thursday. Bath is alright, but really, I’m just here for the riding, and what a lovely riding it is!!! Car, bah!! To many wheels Tomas 😉