Full circle

First view of Spain from window
First view of Spain from window

Riding from Santander to Alcobendas was a race home for dinner really. I took the most direct route and was very focused with stops for petrol, food and drink. No extras. I was slowed down by roadworks but really it all went fine.

Spain is a beautiful country to travel in, even the major roads are scenic. Up north everything was in shades of green, gradually the colour sceme changed to brown and later to yellow. The temperature was 27C getting of the boat, but the closer I got to Madrid the warmer it got, in the end the difference was 10 degrees.

Ready to unload
Ready to unload

Now my bike is parked and other activities awaits me. August isn’t bikerseason in Madrid anyway, to hot to be good. So I’m going to rest and digest my impressions of the journey. Then I be back with my reflections.

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4 thoughts on “Full circle”

    1. Thank you for the invite Yors, but I’m resting in front of my fan, to hot for a vikinga to leave the house today 🙂 I hope you guys had a good ride, el Atazar, no!?

  1. Ja då var resan slut, då får man vänta på nästa resa du gör och se vart det bär?
    Har fått lite inspiration av dig, Läste bloggen och blev sugen på en tur, och har gjort någon kortare resa bla. varti till ett ställe som heter Storforsen “Europas största fors tydligen” mäktigt ,Bensin museeum med mackar som dom såg ut förr BP,Caltex,Koppartrans, Esso, Shell, m,m Det var intressant.