Evaluating the purpose

When evaluating the purpose many thoughts spring to mind and it is hard to keep my thoughts in a straight line and write something that makes sense for others to read. This is the result though, I hope you enjoy your read.

Not great goals for evaluation but I give it a go:

I hope by writing this blog I can inspire other women to do similar things.

I sure hope that I have been able to inspire people to travel. From comments on the blog and word on the road people have said that they are impressed, amazed and that they wish they could do the same. This does not necessarily mean that they will do the same but nevertheless I’m proud to hear it. The best compliment was possibly from Claudia, vice-president of WIMA saying that I do a great thing for women all over the world.

I was thrilled to see that there was a spanish translation of the first pages of my blog and a really nice presentation of me on the Ducatistas forum. If nothing else, it shows interest. On the other side of Europe I was disappointed not getting the local newspapers interested in my home town but happy to await the latest club magazine from the Swedish Ducati Club which requested an illustrated article of my journey. And the Swedish central organisatin for bikers, SMC, is about to put my article about the WIMA rally on their their travel section. So it isn’t over yet.

I want to show that you don’t need travel company or a touring bike to do great travels. All you have to do is to plan according to your abilities.

How did it really go with that? To be honest I loved riding with Anneli, we made a perfect team and while I was a more experienced rider she was the one organizing food and rest. I hope to be able to ride with her again in the future but I’m also, still, happy to rode alone rather then riding with someone who isn’t riding the same pace like me or sharing the same values when it comes to behaviour in traffic.

My bike is fantastic in many ways and I have been riding and loving Ducati for 12 years now. Now I feel that I have taken the Monster to the limit of what it can do travelwise. Not only due to the problems with the nerves in my leg and feet, the vibrations and the posture. Bringing only 60 L of luggage when traveling for several weeks is tiring too. I have not felt it before, but now I do. I dream of a bike with hard cases where I can bring seconds of changes of clothing. While I’m writing the wishlist, why not the possibility of bringing a passenger and luggage at the same time? And maybe, I say maybe, I could benefit from a bike that shields a bit from the wind, to make the riding less of an athletic endurance. Nothing wrong with planning according to your abilities, that is always essential, but I just ponder the possibility of a change in abilities.

I've seen my past but I don't know what awaits me around the corner
I've seen my past but I don't know what awaits me around the corner

This last journey changed me in a way that no other journey has. In the future we will see which gets the better of me, the love for Ducati or the urge for riding out to find adventure.

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4 thoughts on “Evaluating the purpose”

  1. I feel a little bit the same way with my blog. If I can inspire one person, or give someone a sense that they aren’t the only ones facing something, then it’s worth it. Especially in the US, so many women are afraid to go traveling alone. Some may not be afraid but they can’t stand their own company at home and definitely can’t see it would be better traveling. We don’t have to challenge them to do it. But we can show them how great it can be.

    1. I believe that if you really want something you can do it, some hard work might be required but anything is possible. If you don’t do it, you don’t really want it…

      Unfortunately many people, females as males, are limited in their own expectations of them self, wich is indeed a pity.