wanting to take the perfect picture

12th of October and public holiday in Spain. It’s such a nice thing to have a day off in the middle of the week. Sun was shining and I decided to go to Segovia to take a nice picture of my Ducati and the aqueduct. I was glad to have a purpose to the ride, after my journey this summer I find it hard to just ride out with no goal.

Well, the ride was fantastic as expected, but let me tell you what happened with the picture. I did a slightly illegal manoeuvre to enter the big square in front of the aqueduct and parked right at it.

what is the main motive here?!
what is the main motive here?!

After a few shots I realised how small the bike looked on the pictures and I decided to move the bike to the centre of the square and take a close up with the aqueduct in the background. I had already imagined the picture in my head and was about to move the bike to the perfect spot when two scooter police ladies approached and shot non-admirable looks at my bike. Of course, I couldn’t park there, I knew that, but I was taking pictures… anyway, history has taught me to not argue with police in Spain, nor try to explain anything. So I just say yes to everything, not answering how I entered the square and prepared to leave. I hoped they would move on so I could take the final picture but annoyingly enough they hung around to monitor me taking off, like they knew I would stay. I decided to take the bike to the café on the way off from the square and think things over. I started parking the bike in a place that not in any way would cause a problem, but one of the scooter lady police immediately shot off after me to say that I’m not allowed to park there either, but that uphill there is a parking space… I wanted to say ”hey, lady why don’t you ride out to fight some real crime”, but thought the better of it and said “gracias” and forced myself to produce a big smile.

the Ducati is the main motive of course, it always is
the Ducati is the main motive of course, it always is

After some circulating I found this place to give another try at photographing. I decided against returning to the square since the notorious police probably would fine me if I did so.

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