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As previous weekends, this Sunday morning was scheduled for early morning races and as usual my fiance and I were prepared with our podium predictions and piled up in bed with lots of coffee. Today, though, I wished that I had slept in because of what happened on lap 2 in the Moto GP category was one of the worst things I have ever seen. Marco Simoncelli suffers from a low side and starts to slide off the track, then the tyres regain grip and the bike travels back across the track, with Simoncelli still attached to it. Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi, who are coming up alongside after the corner, have no possibility to avoid what is happening but run into him. When I see that Simoncelli’s helmet has come off and he is lying on the track, not moving, I know that something really bad has happened. When, later on, I see his bike and the lack of sufficient damage on it I know for sure that he is not going to make it. Edwards had actually run into Simoncelli and not his bike, Rossi not being able to avoid it touched his helmet when passing by, and makes it come loose. No one walks away from a crash like that. After what seems like a very long time, it is confirmed that he passed away.

Racing, as I prefer to remember Simoncelli. Photo: Christopher Calvert
Racing, as I prefer to remember Simoncelli. Photo: Christopher Calvert

In a way, we are spoiled with what we usually see. The riders of Moto GP as well as the lower categories, can suffer from violent crashes but they get up and walk away, or even chase after their bike and continue the race. I think, sometimes, we forget that they are human and that their bodies are just as fragile as ours.

Simoncelli was never one of my favorites. In fact I thought quite bad of him in the beginning of the season and the previous years. He was so brutal and took unecessary risks. But, lately, he had matured and his riding was much more smooth and consistent. I did start to like him and put faith in his results. He semed to be one of the riders who could challenge for the World Title next year. And, in fact, I had predicted him on the podium for this race. The accident today ended Simoncelli’s succesful career too soon, way too soon.

I wish that I hadn’t seen any of this. But since I did, I can’t help searching for more and more information to further analyse what has happened. What is reported in newspapers and websites. What do people write on forums. I share with you some of what I found during the day.

Marco Simoncellis own web site:

A couple of the open forums I read, the Ducatistas and Sporthoj has memorial theads:


The official Moto GP website where you can leave a tribute to Marco Simoncelli and his familly :

Some newsreports:




An obituary of Simoncellis career on autosport.com:

We lost a future world champion today. What I saw I can never forget, but life has to go on.

My thoughts are with his familly and friends. Rest In Peace Marco Simoncelli!

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