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Some people say that motorsport is best seen on TV and I can partly agree. Being there at the circuit living and breathing the excitement is an amazing feeling but on TV you can see it all close up. The good bits from every corner of the circuit are nicely delivered to you with re-runs of exciting events. Live on the grandstand you miss out on some things while experiencing others.

Truly though is that for me nothing is better than live, even in the cold and rain. But to sum that up with a re-run on the projector when being warm and comfy on the sofa makes it all complete. To re-live the Valencian GP was just as exciting as seeing it live. Now I got to see what really happened in that first corner and I didn’t know that Dovizioso, Pedrosa and Spies overtook each other that many times, plus the chase over the finish line when Stoner reclaimed the first position by 0.015 seconds was amazing to see. Apart from that the broadcast from BBC included a lot of interviews and last tributes to Simoncelli.

BBC re-run, on our wall
BBC re-run, on our wall

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