the ups and downs of a weekend

This was going to be a riding weekend, that was the plan, the weather forecast was good and I had time for riding. The Ducati was at the garage for maintainence and were due to be picked up Friday afternoon. That was the plan anyway.

Unfortunately there was a rather unusual problem with the timing belt and the tension rollers… one of them were completely stuck and the belt was wearing out… ooops. So parts had been ordered and bike had to stay. I do feel fortunate that I turned her in before Christmas not waiting for the kilometres to pass by to reach the recommended mileage. There was some additional rattling noise that bothered me and a unpleasant oil leak so I thought it was time. I do know from the past what can happen with belts that are not proper taken care of… on when off once (as a result of an incompetent mechanic dealing with my bike – will tell that story one day) ruining the cylinder and leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere.

So riding was no longer on the schedule for the weekend. Then I really had no excuse not to go shopping for those waterproof riding trousers that I’ve been needing for years. After death and illness shopping is what I hate most. I think I mentioned that last time I was in search for trousers. I’ve been without proper waterproof cordura for years now and last time I intended I failed and bought summer riding trousers instead because the task seamed imposible. But now I have a vague plan that involves Austria for this summer and I think I’ll need good gear for that. Not to mention riding to work those rainy days. Thinking of it though, I hat rain more than shopping.

Anyway, I was indeed very lucky, bought second pair I tired on. And during that time I had to explain to three shopping assistants that yes, I was aware of that I was in the men’s section and yes that was were I wanted to be. The hazzels of being tall. After shopping I went for sushi as a reward, another day I tell about when I was riding a Suzuki in Japan.

But really, I cant explain how happy I am to now have these trousers, and look how nice and long they are. The pair I bought last spring actually hardly reach the top of my boot when I sit on the bike – that is female model trousers.

Fantasticly long trousers, they even have an extension bit that can be removed, if I would find them to long
Fantasticly long trousers, they even have an extension bit that can be removed, if I would find them to long

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