Tucked away & making connections

Awesome! The other day I got contacted by my WIMA friend in Estonia. She is thinking of going to England for the rally and if so we might be able to meet up along the way. If this is possible it would indeed be so cool!

But now it’s Easter holiday and and I leave my planning for a bit. While I travel by other means I left my Ducati safe stored away and shielded from any occasional rain. Many people laugh at me for covering my bike, and indeed it is unusual. Few people do this, but then most people have the possibility to park in a garage for most of the time. I don’t enjoy this luxury and I have bad experiences from having my bike parked out in heavy rain. My first Ducati got a soaked water filter and coughed for a long time. My second one got a problem with the electric making the oil lamp light up in heavy rain. I find it hard to ride on with it lit, it cold be an actual oil pressure failure, how would I know? So this caused a lot of hassle and I like to avoid problems if I can.

So to keep my third Ducati safe and happily cover it when raining heavily and let people laugh!

bike in pyjamas
bike in pyjamas


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