Another sunny weekend

We have had fantastic weather lately and it has been a very dry year. Perfect for riding but the ground needed some water to bind the dust. During windy days the the sand swirled around like in a sandstorm. So I was up for rain, but any other day then this Wednesday. With a forecast for heavy rain and possibility snow it was highly unfortunate that I just had to ride to work to make the logistics work. With an doctors appointment in the morning and physiotherapist in the evening and work in between I just had to ride to make ends meet. It’s under these circumstances that people think that I’m hard core, or possibly just an idiot.

Fortunately the nice weather came back and during the weekend I’ve done some really nice riding. I checked out the water reservoir at El Atazar to confirm my belief that the water level is really low.

The lack of rain and snow is clearly visible
The lack of rain and snow is clearly visible

On the road I saw a shepherd leading his flock of sheep across the road. So exotic, reminds me of New Zealand, the only other country I seen this happen and my favourite country for riding.

The shepherd gave me tumbs up for my patience
The shepherd gave me tumbs up for my patience

I did some riding in, a for me new area, today and discovered a new favourite road. M-204 between Alcalá de Henares and Chinchón. I wasn’t even supposed to be there to begin with but I took the wrong turn somewhere and just loved it. I think I will wait a bit longer with buying an GPS, crappy map reading skills has advantages, especially on lazy Sunday rides.

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