The Grand Chaume, and other useful information from SMC

The organisation “Swedish motorcyclists” yearly handbook has arrived. This organisation works like a union for bikers in Sweden keeping an eye on new law propositions, arranging riding events and much much more.

Swedish Bikers' handbook
Swedish Bikers’ handbook

The handbook is updated yearly and contains rallies and gatherings as well as people to contact in need on the road, first aid information, recommendations regarding cafés and lodging etc.

What I normally bring with me when travelling are the pages with words and phrases that could come in handy if problems occur while travelling in for example France… “Ma moto est en panne” or Germany… “Ich habe eine Panne mit meinem Motorrad”.

The chapter of recommended places to stay now includes “La Grande Chaume“. Don’t miss it if you’re travelling in France, it is a gem!

Great places to stay
Great places to stay

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