The wind of change

There is so much going on right now. I shouldn’t complain really, I generally like changes and hopefully it will all work out fine in the end.

We have been flat searching since the beginning of April. When we gave the notice to our present landlady and by that got the end of May as a deadline for moving out, flat searching soon become our only leasuretime activity. This including lots of searching on the internet, phone calls and visits to see possible flats. When searching we soon found out that our different needs and criteria combined made it hard to find a good match, especially one that a teacher can afford.

On my behalf, easy access to the M30 to go to work and good parking options with lots of other bikes around was a necessity. My fiance needed a window with a view and some sunlight. Since I’m spoiled with high living standards from Sweden we felt incredible lucky when we last week found what we were searching for. It was essential to grab it before someone else did and the deposit was paid the same evening. That was followed by the process of arranging a bank guarantee. Paperwork in Spain makes me exhausted but it is one of these things that has to be mastered and at the same time it is all a lesson to learn. Another day I will tell you about the paperwork for the import of my bike, that was really something!

So, with a flat contract approaching we left Spain to spend the long weekend in the land of Ducati and icecream – of course I mean Italy. Now our destination was Venice so there were no bikes to count, but during a few evening hours and a morning walk in Bergamo we did see quite a few. Venice itself didn’t feel like Italy at all in that respect. Even Barcelona felt more like Italy due to the large amount of bikes and scooters on the streets, but I have no complaints, the icecream was still awesome.

the waterways of Venice and a gondola traffic-jam by the bridge of Sigh
the waterways of Venice and a gondola traffic-jam by the bridge of Sighs

As it seems, this will be my last visit to Italy as a Ducatista, at least for a while. Today I once again visited the Racing House in Seseña, now making a decision. I’m trading my Ducati for a Kawasaki.

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