Hope & Despair

Everything went smoothly at the bike shop and now I’m waiting for the Kawasaki to be prepared. Unfortunately I’m being held up again by paperwork and it feels like this blog is turning in to a whiny series about the difficulties of getting papers in order in Spain, especially during summer. Well this is not the intention but the fact is that my bank is being messy and the bank transfer to the bike shop is not coming through due to a – to me – not understandable error. Hopefully, I will get some answers from the bank man tomorrow. Another thing that was necessary was to be registered on the new address. According to the system my id number/NIE is registered to the first address I had in Spain, that is now 5 years ago and I am registered still on the previous address in Alcobendas. So for the papers for the bike tax and possible other stuff to reach me I have to get this organised. This can only be done at daytime and on a pre-made appointment. Hopefully, my fiancé can sort that out on Wednesday. Another thing is that inbetween bikes I will have to commute to work by public transport, which is a 1 ½ hour single journey, I spend less than half that by bike. So while part of me is jolly happy that the deal is settled, another part is sick and tired of Spanish paper work and bureaucracy.

Smile! Me & den Svarte Japanen
Smile! Me & den Svarte Japanen

A Kawasaki might put a smile on my face but Ducati still has a place in my heart. I was delighted to see Rossi riding his Ducati to a podium today. My congratulations!

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