I was not born with patience

I had an absolutely amazing race weekend in Montmeló, there were some really good fights to see and atmosphere to soak up. Still I had this itching feeling regarding my own bike-to-be. There were some questions that I’d like to get straigthened out and my e-mails to Racing House were left unanswered.

Back in Madrid I called them and got Friday as a delivery day and a promise of more information to be sent. When on Friday no information was received and I couldn’t get in contact with them an e-mail was composed to share my disappointment. Then finally I got a response and apparently the registration has not come through yet. 1 week without bike was said, it has now now passed 3, the commuting to work is killing me and it is absolutely impossible to get anything done after school hours. I need to go to the bank to cancel some payments, set up other payments, pick up a receipt (that apparently can’t be sent by mail) and most important of all – make them make the internet bank work for me. I also need to go to the tax office to sort out my tax declaration, not to mention going to the gym and physiotherapist for my back. While working it is impossible to manage any of this when commuting with public transport.

Furthermore I need to plan for my journeys, both the flight to Sweden and the ride to Austria have to be scheduled. The flight depends on when the bike and I have done 1000km and had the service done. Regarding the ride I have to book a ferry which I need the registration number for. I have already decided to leave the longer ride for the return since I’m running short of time, but now I’m depending on that ferry ticket to make ends meet at all. It feels like I’m living in a “Catch 22” and the key to everything is to get the bike.

Sorry for this whiny post but I do feel very whiny. At least one thing can be ticked off from the to-do-list. My Utag has arrived and I have put information on it! And I promise to post some ace race pictures soon.

My Utag with information "In Case of Emergency"
My Utag with information "In Case of Emergency"

I was not born with patience – I’m learning it in Spain. And this to an extent that I feel like leaving the country. I hope this feeling will pass though since otherwise all the efforts would have been in vain. I end by quoting one of my collegues (also a foreigner, but with more years in Spain) “The only thing that helps to deal with this Åsa is a good bottle of wine”.

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